|||::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Bill Narduzzi :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::|||
Head Coach from 1975 - 1985 (11 seasons) Record:68-51-1
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     Coach Narduzzi (a 1959 graduate of Miami, OH) came to YSU from the University of Kentucky ... where he was defensive coordinator. It did not take Bill long to realize the local style of football in the Mahoning Valley and thus the tradition of Penguin "smash-mouth" football, began.  Bill Narduzzi
     Known as "Duzzer's Bruisers", Narduzzi led his Penguins to 7 winning seasons, the 1978 Division II play-off and 1979 National title game. Coach Narduzzi was the national   division "coach-of-the-year" in 1979. However, "Duzzer's" talents were just as notable off the field, as Bill was also YSU's Athletic Director. His goal was clearly to move the Penguin program into prominence, which was certainly on his mind, when he moved the program into the Ohio Valley conference in 1980. His goal of a quality "on-campus" home for the football team, led to the building of one of the nation's finest facilities ... in Stambaugh Stadium. From the Narduzzi era on ... Youngstown State has become synonymous with college football.


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